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Invest in a Resilient Food System & Support TFM by becoming a 2023 Friend of the Market!


The need to invest in local systems has never been greater! The pandemic revealed to many just how fragile our national supply chain is, but the truth is the national food system has been unsustainable for far longer than CV-19 has been around. In a matter of a few decades, an untold number of mom & pop operations have gone out of business trying to compete with large-scale agricultural monopolies and special interest groups. With the loss of these small-scale family farms, we have also lost bio-diversity, quality of product, and a degree of food sovereignty. It's time for a change! 


To bolster the local food system, it’s imperative to not only support preexisting farmers & producers, but encourage new farmers and food producers to get into the business too! We need a thriving marketplace for producers to generate revenue and a lasting foundation for them to grow their businesses over time. This is where the Tulsa Farmers’ Market comes in!

Our market is essential to the livelihoods of the 100+ farmers, ranchers, producers, artisans, chefs, and other small business owners in our membership. We are committed to creating a vibrant marketplace for our vendors to directly connect with their consumers so they may generate the necessary revenue to keep their businesses, as well as the tradition of farming, thriving in our community, but we need your help! You can support TFM & Green Country farmers by becoming a Friend of the Market Today!

Your Friends of the Market donation helps to offset the costs that come with operating a market of our size week after week - a financial burden that is usually shared by our vendors as well as market supporters. From street permits to tents & tables, the cost of operating a farmers' market adds up quickly!

With a little help from our Friends…

Donations from our friends will go directly to support the function of our organization, market operations, and community outreach programs. TFM is proud to be the largest farmers' market in the state of Oklahoma, and we strive to continue our growth and increase our impact in the community- we just need a little help from friends like you to do it!


Become a 2023 Friend of the Market Today for a one-time tax-deductible donation of $100 or a monthly gift of $10 for 12 months.

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Click here to Give in Full

Friends can also make their contributions go even further by becoming a Farmers' Best Friend for a one-time tax-deductible donation of $250 or a monthly gift of $25 for 12 months.

2023 Farmers' Best Friend


Farmers' Best Friend Monthly

All of our friends will be listed as a supporter on our website and in our weekly newsletters. Friends will also receive a thank you gift of a TFM t-shirt or their choice of TFM merchandise for their donation.

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