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Tastes Like Oklahoma 

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Strengthen Tulsa's Local Food System

Become a TFM Sponsor Today!

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Why invest in local?


Our national food system is under strain and the need to invest in local systems has never been greater. Between special interest groups tipping the scales in their favor, large food industry monopolies creating supply chain bottlenecks, and climate change wreaking havoc on growing conditions, it’s apparent that the old nationwide food system is unsustainable and in need of an overhaul. Having a society dependent on large-scale industrial farming has its consequences. We can see the effects on our environment through soil depletion and carbon emissions, and we can feel the effects of the loss of small-scale family farms. When we lose mom & pop operations, we also lose bio-diversity and an important key to food sovereignty on the local level. 


To bolster the local food system, it’s imperative to not only support preexisting farmers & producers but encourage new farmers and food producers to get into the business too! We need a thriving marketplace for producers to generate revenue and a lasting foundation for them to grow their businesses over time. This is where the Tulsa Farmers’ Market comes in!

As an independent market, and a 501c3 organization, TFM is made possible by the generous support of its donors and sponsors. Without this investment, TFM struggles to carry out the basic operations our vendors rely on and the local food system becomes at risk of being weakened. By becoming a sponsor of TFM today you are ensuring strength and stability in the local food economy for farmers and customers alike. 

This is your call to action: Help build a resilient food system by becoming a TFM sponsor today. Click here for sponsorship details or message us to learn how you can support our mission. 

Our Markets

Saturday Farmers' Market

All markets located in Kendall Whittier (S. Lewis & Admiral)

April - October 22nd, Saturdays 7-11 am

Nov. & Dec., Saturdays 8:30 am -12 pm

**Closed on weekends immediately following a holiday **

Jan-March, Every Other Saturday 8:30-12 pm

Second Sunday
Arts & Eats Market 

Second Sundays, May - November

10 am-1 pm in Kendall Whittier

This new monthly market is dedicated to local artisans, small creative businesses, specialty prepared foods, flower growers, and, of course, farmers! Our offerings will be focused on a variety of unique finds in the following categories: fine art, crafts, jewelry, health & beauty, pottery, and home & garden decor.


All Markets are located at 1 S. Lewis Ave. 

Second Sunday Arts
& Eats Market

Now Accepting Applications!

In addition to our Saturday Farmers Market, Tulsans can now meet the makers & shop locally on Second Sundays too! 

The Second Sunday Arts & Eats Market is dedicated to local artisans, small creative businesses, specialty prepared foods, flower growers, and, of course, farmers.

In addition to handmade original works from Oklahoma artists, our Second Sunday Market is the perfect place to find gifts for a special occasion, fresh flowers, select prepared foods and drinks, seasonal produce, and more. We will focus our offerings on a variety of unique finds in the following categories: fine art, crafts, jewelry, health & beauty, and home & garden.

Customers can expect live music, a full bar, food trucks, and more alongside many fabulous local treasures! Click here for vendor applications.

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TFM's Second Sundays

Arts & Eats Market 


Every Second Sunday

 May- November, 10 am- 1 pm

located in Whittier Square, 1 S Lewis Ave

Thank you to our 2022 Friends of the Market

We couldn't do what we do without you!

Fran Bevel

Colleen Bouchet

Lora Buck

Elizabeth & Cami Burden

Brenda Craige 

Lynn Cyert

Dale & Daughter

Ros Elder

Tabor & Jen Ellison

Samantha Extance

Bill Fiddler

Linda Fiddler

Susan Forman 

Tony & Shawna Gehres

Karen Gray

F. Highlander Designs

Cathy & Steve Herrin

Shelia Hudson

Gwen Jones

Sarah Leavell & Dustin Coker

Tim Lincoln

Linda Lovern

M & S Business Services

Rick Miller

Glenda & J. Pat Murphy


Linda Reid

Jared Rencher

Erica Royal

Sarah-Anne & John Schumann

Kim Smith

Tamara Smith

Ann Swift

Scott Swearingen

Tiffany Taylor

Debbie Vinyard

Holly Wall & Ed Sharrer

Linda West

Paul Westbrook

Kari White 

Joan Whitney

Jacqueline Ziegler

Susanne Ziegler


Our Farmers' Market


Our Mission

Advance a thriving community in the greater Tulsa area by continuing and fostering relationships between the local farmers and consumers; promoting health, and wellbeing through community outreach; facilitating access to nutritious, local foods and, encouraging earth friendly lifestyle and business practices.


Our Vision 

We directly connect the growers with the consumers and strengthen the local economy as Oklahoma’s premier farmers’ market.



A thriving community requires participation!


There are many ways to volunteer at our market and our organization. Check out all of our 2022 opportunities.

“A viable community is made up of neighbors who cherish and protect what they have in common.” -Wendell Berry

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Meet the crafters, ranchers, and farmers. The Tulsa Farmers’ Market has over 90 vendors from across Eastern Oklahoma.



All of our farmers are 100% Oklahoma Grown certified which means ALL the produce, meat, and dairy were raised on Oklahoma Soil, keeping it truly local.

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