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Wildhorse Canyon Farms

Vendor Name: Wildhorse Canyon Farms

Proprietor: Margaret Schaben



Phone Number: (405) 740-3891

Wildhorse Canyon Farms are a family owned and operated business in central Oklahoma. They have about twenty acres, growing up to seventy different varieties of grapes. They also have an orchard with other various fruits. Our operation started 5 years ago with about ten five-gallon buckets of Sand Plums that owner, Margaret Schaben‘s, husband brought home for her to make jelly with. She tweaked recipes several times in an attempt to maintain the characteristic of the fruits they process. The first bite should taste like that fruit, not like flavored sugar.

Wildhorse Canyon also produce Wine Jelly. Most of the wine is from Oklahoma Wineries. These provide a unique flavor with several different uses: try a glaze on pork chops or chicken or pour over a block of cheese. Of course, it also goes great over bagels and toast, or even as a toping on ice cream. They planted a vineyard 5 years ago and are now at the point that their is enough production to being making wine. Something to look forward to during the 2016 season!

Thanks to a farmer in Norman, Oklahoma, they also produce a variety of spicy Jalapeno spreads, including a Mixed Pepper, Jalapeno, and a Fruity Sangria Jalapeno Wine Jelly (really unique and fun).

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