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Wagon Creek Creamery

Vendor Name: Wagon Creek Creamery

Proprietor: Ron & Barbara Crain


Facebook: Wagon Creek Creamery

Phone Number: 580-496-2447

Ron and Barbara Crain began dairy farming in 1991 and built Wagon Creek Creamery in 2005, after growing weary of playing the commodity game with the big milk cooperative.  In 2006, they completely removed grain from the cows’ diet and began manufacturing and marketing grass fed yogurt, “yogurt cheese,” and butter.  A few years later, when “Greek yogurt” became all the rage, they realized that they were ahead of the curve, but using the wrong name, so they changed their labeling from “yogurt cheese” to “Greek yogurt” and saw a nice increase in sales.  About that same time, they began making a variety of cheeses and now produce both pasteurized and raw milk cheeses. Wagon Creek Creamery is the only 100% grass fed dairy producer in the state & among the few in the country!

Grass fed beef is a natural complement to the dairy, and, as the Crain’s have cattle ready Wagon Creek Creamery cows for processing, they also offer delicious grass fed beef.  Quarters and halves are available at various times of the year.  Please contact them to be added to the waiting list if you are interested. They have also begun raising pastured poultry and pigs.

WCC is increasingly interested in the concept of permaculture and in the process of planting fruit and nut trees, adding more honeybee hives and are committed to have a better and more diverse garden.

In addition to a dairy processing room, Wagon Creek Creamery also has a commercial kitchen and the Crain’s are able to offer a variety of processed foods prepared on the farm.  Granola and granola bars are quite popular. These recipes were developed by a cousin who was preparing it in the Crain’s commercial kitchen.  When that family moved overseas in 2012, the Crains took over manufacturing the granola products.  Granola is available year round, but other products vary with the seasons and include frozen vegetables (grown in Oklahoma), pizza crusts, and pancake mix.

Wagon Creek Creamery has been a vendor with the Cherry Street Farmers’ Market since 2006.  Although it’s a long drive from western Oklahoma, the market draws the kind of Milking time!

customer who appreciates the type of products Wagon Creek produces.  In addition, Barbara grew up in Tulsa (BTW class of ’79) and has enjoyed getting reacquainted with people she knew years ago.  Farming is always challenging, especially the past two years with the extreme drought conditions, but the Crain’s plan to continue to farm as long as the Lord provides the means to do so.


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