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ScuttlePots Mosaics

Vendor Name: ScuttlePots Mosaics

Proprietor: Randy & Pam Smith


Phone Number: (918) 991-5053

Scuttlepots Mosaics are a husband and wife team, Randy & Pam Smith, making mosaics for the garden and home. They started making mosaics in 1999 after finding some vintage tile in wonderful, bright colors. After first making stepping stones and flower pots, they now mosaic anything that doesn’t move!

At the market you’ll find mosaic butterflies and dragonflies on stakes for the garden or to hang on a wall or fence. Mosaic garden spheres, moons, suns, fish, cats, bunnies and turtles, tables, mirrors, and many other items are available.

Scuttle pots have been participating in the market for about 14 years now and one of their greatest rewards is when people (& their dogs) come by the booth to just stop and smile. It is always great to see the familiar faces of customers, friends and other vendors.

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