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Redbird Ranch Fare


Vendor Name: Redbird Ranch Fare

Proprietor: Mark & Erin Parman (Kern, JoAnne & Qualla)



Phone Number: 918-463-5181

Redbird Ranch Fare has been a member of the CSFM since 2000 and owners, Mark & Erin Parman have been involved in the farming and ranching business before this. Their children,Qualla & Kern, have been part of the operation since they were young children, helping with chores, gathering eggs and spending many Saturdays at the farmers’ market.  Qualla now is the social media guru for the family operation and Kern is creating ironwork crafts that will be introduced at the 2014 market!

You can expect to find grass fed beef and lamb that have been raised on pasture and that are chemically free. Pasture raised eggs from hens that spend all their time out on the pasture. RBRF has a licensed manufacturing facility in which they use their pasture raised products to prepare their famous Sweet Onion Pie, gluten-free egg pasta and other unique bakery items. They also grow pecans on their Warner, OK farm and they have created a variety of delicious packaged pecan prominent snack mixes.

RBRF has been involved in grass management since 1982 and as a grass-based operation, they utilize environmentally friendly, natural methods to produce grass. Healthy soil ultimately produces healthy animals and because they don’t use chemicals on their soil or grass, their animals are all free of chemicals. So you can feel good about buying from Redbird Ranch Fare – “From their pasture to your plate!”

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