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Pecan Creek Winery

Vendor Name: Pecan Creek Winery

Proprietor: Bob Wickizer



Phone Number: 918-816-6773

Outstanding Wines, both sweet & dry. Made in Oklahoma.

Planting a vineyard and starting a winery is an exercise of faith, hope and love. Pecan Creek Winery obtained all federal and state permits and licenses for operation & the grand opening took place on November 26 2014. We began planting the first 500 grapevines in April 2013. We planted another 600 vines in April 2014 and in the spring of 2015 added about 200 plants around the winery property. Our main vineyard, on the banks of Pecan Creek, will grow to about five acres. We have planted French-American hybrids, Chambourcin (red) and Vignoles (white). We also have Merlot in the main vineyard. On the winery property a little over a mile down the road our Cabernet Sauvignon planting (150 plants) from 2014 suffered an early frost and we lost half the plants. Those were consolidated into 4 rows (You can move one year old vines. Older ones stay put.) the rest of the winery vineyard was planted with a Spanish red called Tempranillo.

Until our own vineyard comes into full production in a few years, we will continue to purchase grapes from “local” Midwestern vineyards in Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas. We produce wines both dry and sweet as well as dessert wines and fruit wines. The wines we bring to the Tulsa Farmers’ Market are those that primarily showcase Oklahoma grown fruit.

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