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Vendor Name: LOMAH Dairy

Proprietor: Donna & Stanley Johnson


Phone Number: (918) 533-7134

LOMAH Dairy’s home is in Wyandotte, OK in Ottawa County OK. Owners Stanley and Donna Johnson have been running LOMAH since 2002, but Stan actually grew up in his family’s dairy, so it’s just been part of his life’s work and passion.

LOMAH’s cows have a great life, as they get to graze, sleep or do whatever they want, enjoying the creeks, wooded areas and large pastures on the acreage.  Twice daily they meander to the milk barn to be milked, then they leisurely stroll back to the fields. Talk about happy cows!

At the market, you can expect to find cheese curds, vat pasteurized milk, soft & hard cheeses, butter, skyr and yogurt. 

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