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Fat City Clay

Proprietor: Joe Staskal


Phone Number: 918-855-1632

Joe Staskal, a potter, painter and sculptor, operates FatCityClay.  He has been a vendor at Cherry Street Farmers’ Market since 2000.   Joe produces fine craft and art pottery for sale at his market booth.  From mini mugs to large platters and bowls, he tries to maintain a wide variety of items for sale.  Mugs, oil cruets, and Tulsa Skyline items are popular.  His early training as a potter was in the English craft pottery tradition that included a strong Japanese influence.  Joe’s strong emphasis on purity of form is overlaid with the results of more recent color and landscape study. Joe also accepts some commission work.


Joe was raised on a dairy farm in the Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin, so he has slopped the hogs; graded eggs; brought the cows round; threshed grain; baled hay; and planted, hoed and harvested potatoes.  On his way to becoming a full time potter, Joe obtained degrees in business, economics and law, and spent over twenty years working in the oil patch.   Joe’s wife Julie is retired.  His son, John, an engineer, lives works and plays in Austin, TX.

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