Farrell Family Bread

Vendor Name: Farrell Family Bread

Proprietor: JTR Group

Email: info@farrellbread.com

Website: http://farrellbread.com

Phone Number: 918 477 7077

Farrell Family Bread has been a part of the CSFM since 2000. They produce artisan-style, hand-shaped breads the old world way, with a long, slow fermentation, and without preservatives or artificial coloring and flavoring. 100% of our whole wheat flour is Oklahoma grown and ground, delivered fresh regularly. Their whole wheat flour is non-GMO certified. We use as many local ingredients as we can source and incorporate. We also produce several antipasti, cookies, and other pastries.

  Email: info@tulsafarmersmarket.org

  Phone: 918.636.8419

  Address: P.O. Box 14572  Tulsa, OK 74159


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