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Outwest Farms

Proprietor: Miller Family

Phone: (918) 358-1023



Member since 2020

"We are a family business that is raising and selling natural, grass-fed and finished beef and pasture-raised pork by the frozen pound. No hormones, no antibiotics - just grass... We do provide NON-GMO feed to our hogs because they can’t forage for all of their nutrition themselves like cattle can. However, our hogs are allowed to roam where they will inside their 4 acre pasture. No tiny pens for them. They roam the hillside at their leisure which is helping them to be a happy and great looking animal. The cattle are allowed to roam within our paddock system to forage as they will and to eat grass or hay depending on the season.

Please understand that our animals or not just “products”. When an animal is born or is brought onto our farms it is treated with the respect due to any creation of God’s. We are doing our best to provide food for our family and to produce food that we are proud to provide to our friends and neighbors. Because we only sell what we provide for our family, we can honestly say that we are feeding you like family!"

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